From late March reopen the shelters at high altitude, surrounded by the winter snow, you practice the first walks into the surrounding valleys. Easter Sunday is a must, a day of Easter, parade through the streets of the center of traditional religious stretchers, true works of art in wood and natural materials. Summer is outdoor sports in contact with nature:

  • excursions in the Stelvio National Park alone or with guides, visiting the many huts of our valleys and photographing the animals present in the Park; • Mountain biking, trekking and courses for children; • EPIC Climbs riding road bikes: Passo dello Stelvio, Gavia and Mortirolo; • Horseback riding and riding courses; • Nordic walking; • Summer ski Stelvio glacier; • Golf; • Ice skating; • Sport fishing; • Climbing summer is relaxing at the Spa.

Summer is motorcycle rides or drive around the streets and the steps open only during the summer. Summer is culture, historic walks, visits to wineries and most beautiful courts. It’s music, with concerts, exhibitions, conferences and activities of local libraries. Museums and botanical gardens. Don’t miss the trip to St. Moritz with trenino Rosso Bernina Express heritage of Unesco. Organised trips with guide book in Bormio.